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Literature review on Forest fire as a forest management tool

Literature review on fire as a tool for forest management.

Over the past years “the view has developed that forest fires, as they occur today, are natural events which are good for forests, animals and everyone in general” according to (Caldararo , 2001). Fire is also an important disturbance agent in many forests worldwide, shaping ecosystem patterns and processes ( Shafiei et al, 2010).

According to Sweeney, 1956 and Komarek, 1964, 1974 claims that based on biological evidences forest will grow back after fires and for some species of trees and grasses they depend on fire to regenerate themselves as cited in (Caladararo , 2001).

According to Nurse et al (1994) the people of Kilum area of Cameroon use fire as a management tool at end of dry season to encourage new grass growth and to control parasites as cited in Jackson et al. It is also used as pest management as burning reduces insects like black flies and mosquito, rodents and also kills mistletoes that invaded mesquite and oak trees (Jackson et al) and the brownspot diseases that weakens and kill longleaf pine seedlings are eventually treated with fires to eliminate the diseases needles without killing the seedlings (Wade et al). Jackson et al also states that fires are also used to keep away the enemies from their hiding places. Continue reading Literature review on Forest fire as a forest management tool